Dr Bio biopolymer resins are engineered for ensuring sustainability is achieved through its high performance, easy to process, low cost, and versatility to use on conventional and contemporary extruders without any change in equipment specifications. With our unique Farm to Polymer model we are working closely with farmers to procure and secure our highly refinded corn starch supplies and other essential bio mass inputs. The supplies are assured even if we 10X our production capacity than that of today. We manufacture Biodegradable products since 2014 and are one of the pioneers leading to a sustainable green future.

Renewable feed stocks such as corn, sugarcane, and algae are utilized instead of petroleum, thereby reducing global dependence on crude oil and lessening the impact on climate. Despite growing global environmental awareness, bio-plastics currently account for only around 1 per cent or 3.8 million tonnes of the >360 million tons of plastics produced annually, but with annual growth of 20-30%.

Due to the development of advanced biopolymers and materials, reduced costs, regulations and increased consumer awareness demand is rising at a very rapid pace. We manufacture bio degradable polymer and selling it to packaging industry. No up gradation of machinery is required for users using Dr Bio Polymer.  

What is Dr Bio

Dr Bio is manufactured using bio based raw material that are compostable and completely disintegrate during composting, undergoes aerobic biodegradation and have no adverse effect on plant growth. It is manufactured in compliance with the ISO 17088 and IS 17088 standards. Below is the summary on the tests performed for its validation

  • Disintegration during composting
    The plastic product or material shall disintegrate during composting such that any remaining plastic is not readily distinguishable from the other organic materials in the finished compost. Additionally, the plastic product or material shall not be found in significant quantities during screening prior to final distribution of the compost.
  • Ultimate aerobic biodegradation
    The ultimate level of aerobic biodegradation shall be established by testing under controlled conditions. No adverse effect on ability of compost to support plant growth. The plastic product or material tested shall have no adverse effect on the ability of the compost to support plant growth, when compared to blank composts to which no test or reference substance has been added at the start of testing.
  • Compliance with national regulations
    Based on the relevant national and/or regional regulations, the plastic product or material shall not, upon decomposition release unacceptably high levels of regulated metals or other toxic substances into the environment. It is the responsibility of the user to conform to the applicable national and/or regulations dealing with metals, other elements and toxic substances in the environment.

The world is evolving and the polymer industry has to make a rapid shift to a new situation where sustainability is a priority for governments, companies and consumers.

The European Union, Indian Govt and more than 60 nations globally are restricting the use of mono-use materials. The vision for 2030 are to reduce the amount of plastics that goto the landfill. Conventional materials, such as PE, PP or PS, have traditionally been used by the industry to produce containers and other plastic films that are obtained from fossil resources that, in many cases, due to multi-material mixtures or to food contamination cannot be easily recycled.

When using the Dr Bio, plastic waste can be valued as compost, hence the reduction of the amount of plastics into the environment is guaranteed

Cost effectiveness

The biopolymers if effectively processed and optimized can in fact bring not only sustainable living but also reduce costs as in many applications. Our innovation competes directly with current day plastics. We have streamlined our production processes, raw material sourcing and conceptual selling in a way that brings the total supply chain a win win. Below are key drivers leading to a Dr Bio success story

  1. We have sufficient supply of feedstock as we have agreement with farmers.
  2. It doesn’t add any cost if the plastic weight is optimized.
  3. It is can easy to process on existing machines.
  4. We are not dependent on any country for the technical assistance and machinery and the final product is 100% indigenously produced.
  5. Dr Bio is very competent due to large fully automated production capacity with little to no involvement of labour during it manufacturing, bagging or logistics in its state of the start 200,000 sq ft manufacturing facility built in the state of Punjab under the Invest Punjab program

How it is produced

Dr Bio compostable biopolymers are produced using  HI Tech Groups proprietary F2F Process.  In this process, biodegradable polymers, natural polymers, organic and inorganic materials are reactively blended in the presence of proprietary plasticizers and compatibilizers and polymer modifiers to produce bioplastics and compostable polymer resins that exhibit environmental friendly, sustainable, balanced and stable chemistry.

Dr Bio polymer resins are available in various grades customized for a wide variety of applications such as film extrusion, extrusion coating, injection molding and rigid, engineered plastics, paper like films, straw/pipe , filament extrusion etc.